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A Source of Comfort

In the days of ships, mental patients were put aboard  rudderless vessels

and towed out to sea with a quantity of hard biscuits and water. Their

executioners were humane, after all.

Have we really changed all that much? How docile, how  passive can a

group of human beings allow themselves to act? Imagine a group of self-

doubting and tortured individuals lined up to board a death ship. Ask how

much difference there is between the medieval mad and contemporary

patients in a psychiatric hospital. They are in a queue for little cups of

colorful objects diverse in shape, color and name, each offering brief  relief

of symptoms and long-range effects that no one knows. 

Blooming all around these little cups emerge a number  of institutions

based on and supported by a few private bucks and mega-dollars from

Our Uncle. We have ships. Some of us are working together with benevolent

assistance from a few professionals who allow enlightened motives to enter

their hearts. Together, we fashion new rudders for ships and we upgrade

hardtack into genuinely civilized human meals with real nutrition and


The recitation of indignities toward those of us who suffer mental illness

are legion, they  abound without mercy. Each of us bears scars from those

who were nominally meant “to help” us. But  that’s not  where it’s at; Hope,

faith and the grace  see us through if we let ourselves see the affliction as

having  spiritual origins.

Fine turning our consciousness into becoming top-drawer consumer

advocates at all times towards those who have the ears to  hear will serve

to soothe us and direct our outward energies. Everybody gets a little  crazy

sometimes, so we are united as a species. We, the  recovering, have

personal first-hand experiences, so we have much to offer the human


Those of us who  have been strengthened by our moments of weakness hold

a precious commodity in  these of  all times: the knowledge of reality. We

have derived our understanding via trial and painful  error. We can sail

our ship now with good help, knowing that we, in  turn, can  help when

a fellow human being suffers  impairment of mental health. We can do

this because we know the way home.

–Freddy Bosco

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One Response to “A Source of Comfort”
  1. Diana Roca says:

    Hi Freddy,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and insights on this blog.

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