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The Cost of Waging Peace

War is a narcotic, and there are seven billion belligerent junkies roaming this planet, all looking to score. We pour billions into war machines; we devote an entire industry and a branch of government to our nasty habit; and we measure our history by the wars we wage against each other.
How much clearer could we see our need for an experience—as a species—of peace? Are we content to wage war on war, or is it something else to wage peace? Has the so-called Peace Corps attained anything, or do we need to examine our own hearts? There are nominal pacifists who would never raise a weapon against another living being, but by their words of violence they betray themselves. There is real peace in our hearts, waiting to be uncovered.
Some of us, 12-Step practitioners, refer to the Eleventh Step of prayer and meditation to the task of uncovering the timeless peace which rests within us. Preachers and teachers grind out analogies and metaphors, all the while seeking to communicate to their flocks the nature of the human condition in which we need to uncover the jewel of peace that lies within each of us.
Peace as a planetary condition can never come unless people experience peace individually. There are schools of masters who dedicate their energies to helping humanity awaken from its nightmare of unconsciousness, our of which war erupts. The practice of psychiatry, at best, devotes itself to opening the human heart, so that people can experience life as the gift that it is, and refrain from the insanity of waging war.

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One Response to “The Cost of Waging Peace”
  1. Diana says:

    Hi Freddy,
    It must be lonely on this blog without comments.
    Never fear, you are not alone!
    Peace, bro.

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