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How to Be

You are perfect. What’d I say? Yes: I repeat, You Are Perfect! Every other philosphy is predicated on the assumption that there is something wrong with you. I differ from that negativity. No! You are Not afflicted, you are perfect.

You are perfect. Just the way you look tonight, and, for that matter, the way you look every night. With every breath, you emerge into a fresh reality. “We do not breathe,” said George Harrison, “we are being breathed.”

“’What are we doing here?’ is not the question of someone who is enjoying themselves,” said Prem Rawat. So who is there among us who stops in the middle of a feast to ask, “What are we doing here?”

It is clear: all we need is oxygen and, until such moment that our industrial complex completely destroys our air supply, we are in the clear. Breathe along with me, as I sit here freshly showered and fed. I feel wonderful and cherish the chance to share our good fortune.

Today, I went to the store nicknamed Whole Paycheck and spent a small fortune on a goodly supply of comestibles, to ensure my survival. I am lucky; there have been times when I was too sick to eat, too dingdonged in the head to remember to feed myself. But (by the grace) I lived through that spell and came out on the other side.

And now I am presented with a fresh blog, a clear opportunity to express the offspring of my heart with the reader. Up before the open mike, I freeze and can think of nothing to say except that I am grateful. I am grateful (intransitive) as a state of being, just as I am grateful (transitive) for all the many gifts I have to enjoy. The list is too long; enumerating my blessings only chokes me.

I recall a woman who said that she and I should just Run Away. Take Off and Go. I relished the idea of letting go of attachments, but, as it has been observed, Wherever You Go, There You Are. In other words, no matter how far you run, you still have yourself to be with. So be here now! Ask me how!

I will tell you Everything. But, by virtue of my status, I am doomed to be doubted. And Shakespeare did offer to tell Much Ado About Nothing. Surely Nothing is hidden from God, but if that’s the case, we are all Out to Lunch. On a permanent basis! The last thing we need is more gibberish; nothing comes from Nothing.

Our little monkey brains, Einstein said, could never comprehend the cosmos. I say we are too small to know all Creation, but that needn’t prevent us from developing a loving relationship with the Creator.

In our love let us be humble and for a moment be grateful, even as we are amazed! And let us have peace. That is How To Be.


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