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CHARG Hosts Mental Health First Aid Training at Drop-In Center

For the first time, CHARG Resource Center hosted a Mental Health First Aid course on Monday, January 14, at The David Quarton Drop-In Center@CHARG. Over 20 participants attended the training, including CHARG staff and consumer employees as well as a few community members.

“It was a great training,” explained Zuzana Howard, Administrator Coordinator of CHARG Resource Center. “The instructor, Lawrence Martin, made the experience both informative and fun. As he told us in the beginning, we all were infected with love.”

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid instructor, Lawrence Martin, who is an independent contractor and Executive Director of Love Matters Therapy Centers, talks to participants at the Drop-In Center at CHARG.

Another attendee and member of the CHARG Board of Directors, Tom Edilla, also appreciated the enthusiasm of the instructor and his emphasis on loving one another. “He made it fun to learn and offered good advice,” Tom said.

Mental Health First Aid is an interactive eight-hour training which helps individuals from the community understand mental illness, support timely intervention and potentially save lives. This public education program presents an overview of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in the U.S. and provides an introduction to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems as well as common treatments.

Participants who take the full course are certified as Mental Health First Aiders, and learn a five-step action plan of: 1) how to assess a mental health crisis, 2) select interventions, 3) provide initial help, 4) connect with professional, peer and social supports, 5) as well as offer self-help resources.

“We’re excited to partner with the Mental Health Center of Denver to offer Mental Health First Aid as a complimentary training for our staff and community members,” says Todd Helvig, PhD, Executive Director of CHARG Resource Center. “This is a valuable program, and we plan to hold more trainings at CHARG this year.”


Interested in attending a future Mental Health First Aid course? Contact Carolyn Hall at 303.830.2130 (available on Thursdays & Fridays), or email to be added to our list. We’ll notify you when the date is set for the next training!

Want to learn more about Mental Health First Aid or Love Matters Therapy Centers? Visit the Mental Health Center of Denver or Love Matters Therapy Centers website.


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