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Statement on Racial Justice and Black Lives Matter

CHARG Resource Center has had, and will continue having, a strong commitment to racial justice and equality. This extends throughout every aspect of our organization including programs, services, and our community of support. We understand that people of color have not historically had equal access to behavioral healthcare in ways that support them and their wellness. Some of CHARG’s founding members (30 years ago) were people of color, and some of those same individuals continue to serve on our CHARG Board of Directors with oversight of our mission, vision, and values as a community based health clinic. 

We at CHARG also recognize that individuals with behavioral health needs are disproportionately adjudicated into the criminal justice system as are people of color. Which means that people of color with behavioral health needs have systemically been targeted and placed in a system which is not (and should never be) tasked with addressing their healthcare needs, treatment, and recovery. 

CHARG Resource Center consumers, staff, volunteers, and community partners are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, respectful and inclusive environment for people of color. Through ongoing training, focused inclusion, and specific outreach, CHARG will continue to lead by example as an agency that embraces our individual differences while furthering our mission to provide a healthy, supportive community of hope.

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