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We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to join our team!

CHARG Resource Center is a small nonprofit in the heart of Capitol Hill. We specialize in a community-based model of service, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong partnership model between consumer, clinician, and the community. CHARG operates two locations, one of which is a community mental health clinic, the other is a Drop-In program located a few blocks from the clinic.

CHARG Resource Center is looking for an energetic and engaged LCSW to join our clinical team! This position is currently an hourly position with the likelihood of moving to part-time, and possibly, full-time employment. This licensed clinical social worker needs to have strong clinical and care management skills. Case load is very manageable, and the right person will help us grow our client population. Experience with various intervention strategies (CBT, solution focused, trauma-informed care, etc) as well as community navigation and ability to work in partnership with community-based resources is strongly preferred.

This position will report to the Executive Director, however will be required to have frequent collaboration with all members of the CHARG team. Good boundaries as well as effective communication skills are essential.

Compensation is competitive, and will be based on experience, skill set, and enthusiasm to help CHARG grow and stand out as a provider of choice. Additionally, due to the COVID19 pandemic, knowledge and use of televideo interfaces for interview purposes as well as for clinical contact and intervention strategies is essential.

Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW) licensed in the State of Colorado
Interest in working within a Community partnership model.
Experience establishing and growing Group therapy models of intervention
Experience with care (and/or case) management
Experience and knowledge in working with clients managing chronic mental illness including (but not exclusive to): Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and Trauma Knowledge of homelessness in Denver, and a sensitivity to those who have dealt with homelessness
Hourly work to start – building to part-time and potentially full-time employment
Great interpersonal skills: friendly, warm, and supportive
Establish and maintain good clinical boundaries
Can work independently / remotely as needed
Solid computer skills necessary

Preferred Abilities:
Experience with individuals managing various personality and interpersonal challenges
Experience in specific models of intervention (examples – CBT; Motivational Interviewing; Solution-focused)
Experience working with individuals who have comorbid substance use disorders.

Hourly pay range will be $30/hour to begin for approx. 15-18 hours per week. Position has plenty of room to grow, and could quickly become part-time and/or full-time with respective dental and health care benefits.

CHARG Resource Center is an equal opportunity employer, and we strongly encourage applicants with diverse cultural, ethnic, and/or sexual orientation backgrounds to include diverse cultural, ethnic, sexual, and/or gender identities.

Please email your letter of interest and resume, attention Dr. Todd Helvig, to

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