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Thank you for helping us provide stability to those we employ and serve during this crisis!

#GivingTuesdayNow was a global day of giving and unity that took place on May 5, 2020 as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

CHARG kicked off a campaign in early May, beginning with #GivingTuesdayNow, to raise funds for our consumer employment program that we continued throughout this summer. We had a generous donor offer to match all gifts received during this difficult time up to $20,000. Because of incredible supporters like you, and with our matching contribution, we have raised $32,348 from May-July! This amount covers our consumer employee salaries for about 6.5 months!

During the COVID-19 outbreak and this safer-at-home transition, CHARG committed to maintaining our employment of ALL our consumer staff positions and hours. We paid all of our employees, both professional and consumer – without furloughs or layoffs throughout the pandemic and continue to do so. CHARG’s consumers fill diverse roles as paid members of staff in positions that include advocacy, case management, clerical, janitorial, peer support, and receptionists. In addition, they are active participants in the organization’s governance.

Without monthly pay, some of our employees may not be able to afford food, housing, or essential needs. Complicate this situation with chronic mental illness as well as social and emotional challenges, and managing hurdles day-to-day can become overwhelming. We are so grateful to have a supportive community that helped us maintain all of our positions and salaries.

Your Support Changes Lives
“What I like most about working at CHARG is a sense of purpose, belonging, and family, while making a contribution to a grand organization and the ability to share my talents. It has helped in giving me more of a feeling of worth despite my illness and some limitation. It has certainly relieved some feelings of isolation and some of the pressure associated with high cost of living in Denver.” – Jim

“What I like most about working at CHARG is that it includes community, friends, rest, clinical support, something to do, exercise, getting out of the house, and money. It’s impacted my life by providing positive continuity and added stability, friendships, and clinical mental health support over time.”  – Zim

“The people of CHARG are my family. I love working for CHARG plus giving my time any way I can. CHARG is my home.”  – Joe

“Working at CHARG has empowered me, and helped me get along with the public and things I do outside of CHARG. I like keeping busy, talking to peers and other people at the Drop-In. Working at CHARG is great because the people are like me in my mental illness, and I can get along with them well.”  – Leonard

“CHARG is pretty much my life. I love having a schedule and being financially independent by working at CHARG.”  – Jennifer

“My favorite part of my role is sharing my knowledge and ideas on educating, inclusion, diversity, and equity among peer and clinical staff who show a genuine interest in the impact these ideas can have in creating a welcoming, safe, and healthy space for healing and well-being among those with mental health challenges.”  – Rebecca

“CHARG is the longest I’ve ever held a job. They (our supervisors and leaders) understand that we’re humans. Working at CHARG has made me more dependable and reliable person.” – Tom

“I was diagnosed about 21 years ago. At the same time I took Nate Rockitter’s Peer Specialist Training. I was still working on getting stable on medication at the time. My family was falling apart and I was working on how to keep my family together through therapy. I learned about CHARG through Nate and my colleague. I was working at Community Connections, which was a drop in center at the time much like CHARG. In my training with Nate, I trained along side Barbara Q. She taught me a lot about CHARG. I remember visiting her at the Drop-In Center and I loved the energy. Six years ago I came to CHARG. CHARG is a rare gem is supporting the empowerment of the people they serve. People have a say in their recovery through CHARG; people are allowed to have a voice and are recognized for being the experts in their own recovery. I love the people! They teach me about themselves. I value the the strengths I see in others and they give me hope for my own recovery. CHARG gives me the ability to be with individuals in a very supportive and safe environment, where there is acceptance and care for one another.”  – Carolyn

“I feel good about myself when I work at CHARG and I’m thankful to CHARG for giving me the opportunity.”  – Dexter (retired recently)

“I’ve been working at CHARG since 1989, the longest time I’ve been at a job. I feel worthwhile and it makes me happy to feel productive.”  – Bonnie (retired recently)

Looking for other ways you can help CHARG besides financially supporting us? Learn more here.

Didn’t get a chance to donate earlier and would like to? Make a gift today.

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