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Our Next Chapter Unfolds

A Message from the Executive Director

Hello CHARG Community!

I’m so pleased to be able to say that CHARG Resource Center is finally mobilizing its way out from under the pandemic. We’re starting to see more vaccinated people in-person at CHARG’s Heartland Clinic, and we’re having some crucial conversations about when we will be able to return to normal functions (versus our current limited capacity) at the David Quarton Drop-in Center. Though it’s only been 14-15 months, we have certainly felt the community’s angst and eagerness around putting some normalcy back in play. We’re on the right path!

I also want convey my deepest appreciation for everyone at CHARG for welcoming me and allowing me to lead the organization for the past three years. It has been a special time that I’ve embraced, and I’ve cherished being a part of a thriving community of consumers, staff, and community partners. We’ve faced challenges big and small, and I value all of the team’s effort poured into CHARG’s progress and development.

Having said all of this, I wanted to let you know that I have accepted another position with the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) within the leadership of WICHE’s Behavioral Health division. This new position will allow me to not only get involved in the advancement of behavioral health initiatives across the western states and territories, but to also bring with me the many lessons and experiences that I’ve gleaned throughout my
career. It will definitely be a challenge, but an adventure that I am grateful to have the opportunity to pursue.

With that I’d like to extend my gratitude for you, the CHARG family and community, and give my continued support and encouragement for the work being done at CHARG Resource Center. I have no doubt that the staff, consumers, and boards will work collectively to bring in new leadership to guide the ship from this point forward. While it feels that we’ve accomplished a great many goals during my tenure, there is still much work to do, people to serve, and a community to cultivate. I’m excited to hear how this next chapter unfolds, and will eagerly watch the evolution that results from this transition. I know that change doesn’t come easy for most of us, but it is a constant that pushes us to be our best and keep our priorities in focus.

All the best, my friends! I look forward to when and where our paths cross again.

Todd Helvig, PhD
Executive Director
CHARG Resource Center

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