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Boards of Directors

CHARG Resource Center is a joint venture of two nonprofit corporations, each with its own board of directors. The Capitol Hill Action & Recreation Group, Inc. are consumers of mental health services who elect a governing board of their peers. Its acronym, CHARG, gave the resource center its name. HEART of Boardwalk, Inc. consists of mental health professionals and other community members. Its name signifies Healing, Empowerment, and Advocacy for a Richer Tomorrow and refers back to the Boardwalk Community, where several founding members have roots.

Joint board retreat

Joint Board Retreat, 2010

The two boards have been acting as equal partners since their affiliation in 1989. They approve policy decisions and share legal & fiscal responsibility for the organization. Their partnership provides a unique framework within which consumers find the supportive community they need for a successful program. Likewise, community members and professionals reap the rewards of working with gifted individuals who happen to suffer from psychiatric disabilities.

“All policy decisions are approved by both boards. It gives an atmosphere of empowerment for the mental health consumers at CHARG in all areas. We are happy with the sense of community fostered here . Our partnership model seems as important as our empowerment philosophy and governance structure. Among other things, it feeds a powerful network of consumers on important mental health issues in the Denver/Colorado area.” – Zim Olson, CHARG Board Member

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Karen Aakeberg
Larry Brown
Maddie Dorris
Tom Edilla
Mike McEachern
Barbara Quarton

Joe Romero
Carl Peacock

Aron Williams
Cathy Williams
Jim Yokum

Hannah Caplan
Megan Devenport
Annie Lee
Michael Lott-Manier
Rachel Morris
Brooke Powers
Susan Delaney Rodger

With our gratitude to the following individuals for their dedication
and years of service to HEART:

Lynn Jones
Linda Whitney
Rick Jones
Mary Willenborg
Barbara Niebauer
Lita Phillips
Jane Grogan
Rochelle DeBolt
B.J. Bona
Nancy Pierson
Diane Gamel Lighthall
Fritz Kaeser
Grace Walsh
Ruth Minnema
Karlyn Hansen
Sherry Long
Kris Marsh
Ruth Minnema
Karlyn Hansen
Judy Goebel
John Hoskins
B.J. Bona
Sherry Long
Kris Marsh
Sarah Mears
Mike Guess
John Hoskins
Richard Peters
Bill Burford
Janet Hoefer
Mary Groves
Lisa Keelan
Mary Groves
Amy Thelander
Lisa Keelan
Marypat Coughlin
Jim Zahniser
Janet Hoefer Dickinson
Su Keister
Sarah Mears Helfrich
Jane Francen
Johanna Gallers
Sarah Mattern
Marcy Pierson
Carolyn Misage
Richard Peters
Johanna Gallers
Donna Boucher
Sharon Matthies
Debra Montoya Bartleson
Leslee Rewinkel
Kristin Kutz
Susan Manning
Anne Meier
Andy Thompson
Jim Maynard
Melody Connett
Stephanie Miller
Steve Nelson
Julie Reiskin
Miriam Dunnan
Bill Albrecht
Marilyn McCroskey
Steve Huff
Griff McClure
David Dillingham
Patty Yu
Tamera Ford
Nancy VanDeMark
Amy Smith
Joy Bitz
Katie Bonamasso
Ann Garrett
Chrissie Hodges
Lesley Hurd
Steve Harvey
Sarah Bardwell
Pat Bjerke
Katie Fossellius
Tom Ratty
Jennifer Thibault
Natalie Tuffield
Jonathan Phillips
LeeAnn Felder

We couldn’t have done it without you!

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