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CHARG Consumer Staff pose for a group photo with Todd Helvig, Margie Carlin, and Jennifer Miller (Dec. 2018).



CHARG Resource Center’s mental health consumers fill diverse roles as paid members of  staff in positions that include advocacy, case management, clerical, janitorial, peer support, and receptionists. In addition, they are active participants in their clinical treatment and in the organization’s governance. Our consumers are partners for change every step of the way!

For more info, contact:
Jennifer Miller
Consumer Staff Supervisor


“The people of CHARG are my family. I love working for CHARG plus giving my time any way I can. CHARG is my home.”  -Joe Robinson

“I feel good about myself when I work at CHARG and I’m thankful to CHARG for giving me the opportunity.”  -Dexter Lewis

“I’ve been working at CHARG since 1989, the longest time I’ve been at a job. I feel worthwhile and it makes me happy to feel productive.”  -Bonnie Smith


Jim Jochum, Receptionist

Monique DeLaine, Receptionist

Tom Edilla, Consumer Advocate

Leonard Montoya, Receptionist & Janitor

Zim Olson, Receptionist & Janitor

Loni Mae Prill, Laundress

Joe Robinson, Receptionist

Aron Smith, Speakers Bureau Coordinator

Cathy Williams, Receptionist

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