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Art of Connection presented by CHARG Resource Center
An online art exhibition during the month of April

Live Virtual Event
Thursday, April 29, 2021 | 5:00-6:00 pm | Free to attend
Check back later to RSVP for the live event. Details coming soon. 

Humans are wired to connect, and this connection affects our health. From psychological theories to recent research, there is significant evidence that social support and feeling connected can help people have lower levels of anxiety and depression, and improve overall mental health. Research unfortunately shows that loneliness is on the rise, even before the pandemic started. 

In light of the social isolation that many of us have experienced this past year due to COVID-19, our theme this year is the Art of Connection. Being part of a supportive community, and providing opportunities for connections, is what CHARG is all about!


We invite all artists, AND non-professional artists who use creative expression to enhance their mental wellness, to submit artwork for our event. When you submit your application, share a bit about how your artistic and creative process has connected you to others, or how it has aided in your journey toward mental and emotional well-being  (optional).

Share Your Art & Support Mental Wellness
By participating in our art show, your support provides funding for high-impact behavioral health services for individuals managing chronic mental illness in the Denver, Colorado area.

How to Apply
Complete this online application form by March 15, 2021. Or, print and complete this form, and mail to: CHARG Resource Center, Attn: Margie Carlin, 709 E. 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80203.


  1. Application Deadline: March 15, 2021
  2. Media: photography, painting, mixed media, collage, digital, poetry
  3. Maximum Dimensions: 36” x 36”
    • If you have a piece that you’d like to submit that doesn’t quite fit these dimensions, contact us at to request a possible accommodation.
  4. Price of Artwork/Proceeds: We ask all artists to set the price for which they would like to sell their artwork. If the artwork sells, a minimum of 50% of the price will be donated to CHARG, and artist will receive the rest. (Artist can choose to donate between 50-100% of the proceeds). 
  5. Exclusions: All submitted artwork will be considered, though there is no guarantee that your artwork will be exhibited. An Events Committee reviews and approves submissions.
  6. Images: Take a picture of your artwork and send to Include your name in the email.
  7. Promotion: Artist agrees that CHARG Resource Center may use images of the artwork for marketing and promotional purposes. (If an image of your artwork is used, we will credit you along with the photo).
  8. Number of Submissions: An artist may submit up to three artworks. Please submit the form for each piece.

Please Note: Artists will be notified between March 15-19, if their artwork is selected to be displayed. We will offer dates/time to drop-off art at our Heartland Clinic in the Capitol Hill area of Denver (and will work with you if none of the proposed times work). We will take a high-resolution photo for our online bidding system. If your artwork does not sell, we will notify you at the end of April/first part of May and you will be able to pick it back up at that time.


This is a free virtual event, all community members are invited to attend on Thursday, April 29. The COVID-19 pandemic has transitioned our art show event to an online gathering but that means anyone can join us from the comfort of their homes. We will have a virtual art exhibition during the month of April where people can bid online for the artwork. At the end of the month, the bidding will close while we host a virtual program, which will include:
  • An overview and update of CHARG community from Todd Helvig, PhD, Executive Director
  • Impact stories or quotes from individuals managing chronic mental illness, talking about the transformational nature of connection, support, empowerment, recreational/creative activities within a group, and employment
  • Displays of artwork, and artists sharing how the creative process can increase mental wellness and/or how it is impacted their own overall health and well-being
  • And more!

Check back later to RSVP for the live event on April 29. Details coming soon!


CHARG serves and empowers adults with chronic mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar illness, and major depression. We believe that effective and lasting empowerment of adults with mental illness occurs when they can make decisions regarding their needs, and that they thrive with dependable and ongoing services. Event proceeds fund high-impact behavioral health services for our members. Our programs include individual counseling, outpatient psychiatric services, peer support, skills training and an employment program, recreational activities within a group, medication management, support monitoring overall health, and an outreach program for individuals experiencing homelessness.
Sponsorship Opportunities
We have a strong reputation in Colorado’s mental health community for our consumer-directed model of services. You can changes lives while strengthening your company’s corporate social responsibility. For sponsorship benefits and packages, check out the Art of Connection Sponsor Packet or this online registration form.

Make a Transformational Impact
One in five adults in the United States lives with a mental health condition, and one in 25 (10 million) lives with a serious mental illness. The number of people looking for help with anxiety and depression has skyrocketed. Even before COVID-19, the prevalence of mental illness among adults was increasing. Can’t attend but want to support our members? Make a donation here.

Contact Danelle Herra at or 303.830.8805, ext. 104.

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