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Barbara’s Impact Story

Barbara Quarton, shares her story of how CHARG has impacted her life, and how she has given back to our CHARG community over the years. She is currently a receptionist at CHARG, one of our board of directors, and an Honorary Council member.

An Urban Guerilla’s Reflections on Denver

 First off, you’ve got to say it right: it’s Diyun-vurr, slurring several syllables to put you at the head of the line, standing there with a boarding pass. First Class can’t be far away! But, before you go to purchase a cocktail, take a look at this city’s accomodations, should you approach the Mile High […]

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The Joy of Every Moment

There come moments—such as the present one– when I feel as if I am being pulled through a knothole in a fence: squeezed and strangled in my effort to make a simple transition. The honest truth is, I don’t know where I’ve been or where I’m going, all I know is that where I am […]

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How to Be

You are perfect. What’d I say? Yes: I repeat, You Are Perfect! Every other philosphy is predicated on the assumption that there is something wrong with you. I differ from that negativity. No! You are Not afflicted, you are perfect. You are perfect. Just the way you look tonight, and, for that matter, the way […]

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The Cost of Waging Peace

War is a narcotic, and there are seven billion belligerent junkies roaming this planet, all looking to score. We pour billions into war machines; we devote an entire industry and a branch of government to our nasty habit; and we measure our history by the wars we wage against each other. How much clearer could we see […]

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A Source of Comfort

In the days of ships, mental patients were put aboard  rudderless vessels and towed out to sea with a quantity of hard biscuits and water. Their executioners were humane, after all. Have we really changed all that much? How docile, how  passive can a group of human beings allow themselves to act? Imagine a group […]

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Have you ever felt weird?

“Have you ever felt weird? You’re standing there at the supermarket waiting to buy your provisions, or else you’re there on the bus as people are getting on, and something strange overcomes you. Everything seems to go flat and the scene looks to be in suspended animation. Think of what it would be like to have […]

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