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Creative Axiom


The creator of Zim Mathematics and a long-time CHARG consumer, Zim Olson earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Science with a minor in Math from Oakland University. He is dedicated to philosophy and musings about math, creative math, and their applications. With humor and exquisite style, this serious mathematician delves into the complexities of operations and unique systems. An avid participant in math conferences, he generously shares his insights with the learned and neophyte alike.

In addition to his ground-breaking work in creative math, Zim is a tireless and vigilant advocate for mental health consumers. He has been a pillar of the CHARG community and member of the consumer board since its inception. In addition, he single-handedly managed the CHARG website as “webmaster extraordinaire” from 2004-2013, ensuring a strong consumer voice so emblematic of CHARG.


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Zim Olson

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