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Succession Planning
David Burgess retirement (JULY 2018)

-Organize & Update all policies/procedures which have not been done (Strategic Steering Committee # 12)


-Expand & continuously update list of key people & organizations, with a few sentences of explanation as needed (whom to call first, etc).

-Cross-train key staff (again), aiming for redundancy of all important functions. Be prepared for emergency succession!

– DB will prepare a detailed list of job duties, steps, procedures, timing, location of files, etc.

– Key staff & board members will attend meetings with funders & community groups.

-Establish vacancy/succession committee (members from both boards).
-Consider contracting with an outside E.D. transition consultant.
Determine qualifications, experience, familiarity w/CHARG, etc.

– Interviews
-Decision: WHO is the NEW ED?!
-Decision: HOW to OVERLAP new ED & retiring ED? (one month, give or take)

read more: Emergency Plan

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