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Mtg. Minutes


In attendance: David Burgess, Margie Carlin, Megan Devenport, Jennifer Miller, Laura Pritchard-Haile, Diana Roca

In attendance: David Burgess, Margie Carlin, Megan Devenport, Jennifer Miller, Laura Pritchard-Haile, Diana Roca


In attendance: David Burgess, Margie Carlin, Diana Roca, Laura Pritchard-Haile,
Megan Devenport, Lesley Hurd & Deb Miller
Absent: Laura Michaels, Katie Bonamasso, Tom Ratty, Josi Stewart

UPDATE: Wine tasting situation has changed so drastically that this committee changed event date to 10/22/15.
It is  A Taste of CHARG, a party to which we sell tickets and make lots of money.
Sponsorhip forms & other PR materials being revised by Alyssa Kopf, our graphics/fundraising volunteer.
The plan was presented to joint boards last week & was met with enthusiasm.
Time is of the essence as sponsorhips are sought to $ impact our bottom line.
New date/new documents will be sent to Board members ASAP via email, and hard copies as needed.
Target Audience: Mental health consumers/providers to help generate clinic referrals.
Tickets: $45 advance / $50 door ($20 for mental health consumers/providers).

EVENT content:
– A substantial program to be developed by members of this committee & presented at A Taste of CHARG.
It will include a presentation about CHARG services, not too long so guests can party!
-Food & Beverage stations at which many delectable treats will be available.
In-kind donors: marketing/ordering /representatives welcome.
Friends may donate food & drink with recipe cards as “take away”.
-Many more opportunities to donate money & HAVE FUN.
-CHARG ambassadors throughout to “talk it up”!

Next mtg: TBD


In attendance:
David Burgess, Margie  Carlin, Josi Stewart, Mike McEachern, Karen Aackeberg, Weslea Primus,
Tiffany (intern), Diana Roca, Steve Harvey

– Review: April 22 breakfast:
It went well, great turnout, food was plentiful, good & varied.
The HEART board member’s ASK was longer than expected.
The program ran over.
The room & service was maxed out at 12o guests.
Total expenses:
Total profit:
How do we GROW breakfast to increase fundraising? Good Question!
St. John’s staff very helpful – gave us venue, tableware, tablecloths & some coffee.
CHARG will send $100 donation to reimburse them & say “thanks”.

– Review: May 1 volunteer celebration:
It was a nice event  but not a packed house.
No HEART representation – disappointing.
Do we want Friday 6-8 pm for next year? (Fridays may not work as well for some people.)

– Planning Wine Tasting:
Lumber Baron Inn available 9/17 but Corks is no longer doing off-premise wine tastings (Diana called).
Mondo Vino offered wine at cost & 15% donation on orders taken but we provide our own pourers.
Do we want “celebrity pourers”? Having to organize pourers is another layer of complications.
Steve & Margie volunteered to be pourers, and later Jeannie Ritte also volunteered – suggested we ask Honorary Council members.
Diana will pursue other options for Sept. event (and get “boards on board”).

Next Mtg. TBD.
NOTE: Key people were missing today: Tom Ratty, Megan Devenport, Lesley Hurd, Katie Bonamasso.



In attendance: Tom Ratty, Margie Carlin, Megan Devenport, Diana Roca (with Sarah Bardwell towards end), Josi Stewart

Friends @ CHARG Annual Celebration Bkst 4/22/15
-Reviewed plans  and finalized details, such as renting coffee servers from Butler

Volunteer appreciation 5/1/15
-No help needed – Margie has it covered. BUT RSVPs appreciated.  Decorating at the last minute. Diana will get certificates.

Our savior pot luck 5/17/15?

Wine tasting 9/17/15 “maybe at another place that includes beer to get younger crowd” (Tom)
-Tom will call Corks to confirm availability anyway.
– Diana will call Lumber Baron to confirm date
– We’ll keep our eyes & minds open to keep wine tasting “fresh”.

-Facilities Group: Reach out to volunteer groups to take on tasks -Diana will put photos on website to stir HEART Board interest
and connect with community resource suggested by Megan.
-Website LANDING PAGE for potential donors.
For further discussion:
-More events to promote clinic referrals:  inter-agency groups to increase personal peer contacts among staff.
Make it fun!
-Small parties/summer events
-Conference next year? A LOT OF WORK!! What audience? For consumer population as we’ve done in the past or another population?

Next Meeting: June 19
Main Topic:  Wine Tasting




In attendance:
David Burgess, Diana Roca, Margie Carlin, Josi Stewart, Sarah Bardwell, Michelle Neumann

Staff/ board retreat planning:
Constituent engagement



In attendance:
David Burgess, Margie Carlin, Diana Roca, Zim Olson, Sarah Bardwell, Megan Devenport, Josi Stewart

2015 Calendar

Board / Staff Retreat
Friday, March 20
-ample time “to get to know each other”
-speaker/facilitator on “constituent engagement”
“changing the power dynamic in organizations”
plan out non-profits that can engage w/our “constituent model”
peer 2 peer (eg, executive director to executive director)
MOVEMENT: towards mental health constituent engagement
MOVEMENT: towards making services available to potentially violent individuals
Resources: Don Mares, Mayor’s Office
Jennifer Brown, Denver Post
Julie Reiskin, CO Cross Disabilities Coaltion
Shining a Light on Mental Health: Partnership
How can CHARG help “make change”.

4th Annual Friends @ CHARG Breakfast 7:30 – 8:30 am April 22 (Wednesday)
– Dagwell Hall (St. John’s Cathedral) – 1350 Washington
16 round tables / 8 persons ea = 128 guests
plus rectangular tables for food & materials
IAN 303-831-7115 ext 7718
Volunteer Appreciation May 1 (Friday)
6 – 8pm Drop-in Wine Tasting Sept 17 (Thursday)
Lumber Baron Inn

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