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PREFACE – On Community: CHARG is dedicated to creating a sense of community that facilitates an experience of “family” – interdependent with the world at large. As our “family” is extended outward, our community grows with new participants, advocates and benefactors. We try to consider the meaning of community in all relationships, decisions, policies, and practices – and try to be proactive in issues that concern us directly or in those beyond our boundaries. We advocate for the common good and social justice, and have a track record of community building.

Friends @ CHARG encompasses all members of our community that support our development efforts – consumers, board members, staff, donors, volunteers, advisors, and advocates. Its underlying premise is a development plan based on genuine human interactions, an invitation to the community-at-large to “be our friend, to enter into a relationship with us”.

As we strive to cultivate relationships in our development efforts, we cannot simply ask individuals for donations of money. We need to provide opportunities for people to get to know us, to invite them in with a reciprocal promise of possibilities. We want them to feel they have friends @ CHARG – and that they, too, can bring their friends into the mix and help extend our community outward.

Inasmuch as a certain openness, fluidity and overlap is present among the Friends @ CHARG (for example, board members who are also donors and event volunteers, or first time visitors attending a free event), we’d like to develop and promote the following groups:

Friends @ CHARG Honorary Council:
This group is composed of prominent individuals that have been nominated and accepted by both boards based on their desire and capability to make a significant contribution to the “big picture” @ CHARG Resource Center, or have already done so.
The Executive Director is designated the Honorary Council liaison.

Friends @ CHARG Volunteer Brigade:
This group is composed of individuals interested in hands-on participation in development efforts. Members of the volunteer brigade can make a regular commitment of time, or participate as-needed for special events and projects. For other volunteer opportunities at CHARG, click here.
The Development Coordinator is designated the Friends @CHARG Volunteer Brigade liaison.

Approved: 2011


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