CHARG Resource Center Clinic and Offices 709 E. 12th Avenue Denver, CO 80203 303-830-8805 | CHARG Drop-In Center 920 Emerson Street Denver, CO 80218 303-830-2130

We rely on generous supporters to help us continue to provide high-impact, life-saving mental health services to meet the needs of our CHARG community members. Thank you for enabling us to continue our mission.


By Mail
Checks can be made to: CHARG Resource Center
709 E. 12th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

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By  Phone
Call us at 303.830.8805
Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm


Shop with Amazon Smile
Support CHARG  with every purchase you make on using the AmazonSmile program. When you designate a 501(c)(3) organization, a portion of your purchases will be contributed to that organization. To designate CHARG Resource Center (aka Heart of Boardwalk) as your organization, follow this link.

Donate your Colorado refund to CHARG
A new program allows you to use your state income tax return to make a big difference in your community. If you’re due a state income tax refund this year, this state program gives you the opportunity to use some or all of it to directly support CHARG Resource Center!

The new program, promoted through the ReFUND CO awareness initiative, lets you choose where your donation goes. All you have to do is:
· Decide how much of your state income tax refund to donate (all or a portion of it).
· Enter Heart of Boardwalk (or CHARG Resource Center) and our registration number 20023003511 in the ‘Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund’ line on your state tax return or tax software – or give just give this info to your tax preparer when you share your tax documents. Learn more details about the program at


For more info, contact:
Danelle Herra
Community Outreach Liaison
303.830.8805, ext. 104

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