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for the CHILD WITHIN ~ Celebrating Diversity @ CHARG
for our 21st Birthday – 2010
Tom Edilla, CHARG Board

Tom E, CHARG Board.

David Dillingham, former HEART Board member.

David D,  HEART Board.

Stephanie F,  Staff.

Paulettte Elidrissi, Writer's Group

Paulette E,  CHARG member.

Paula Kuchta, former CHARG Board member.

Paula K,  former CHARG Board..

Nancy Forsythe, former CHARG Board member.

Nancy F, CHARG Board.

Mark Conrad, CHARG consumer

Mark C, CHARG member.

Margie Carlin, Program Director

Margie C,  Staff.

Clare Gibson, former CHARG Board member.

Clare G,  CHARG Board.

Loni Prill's daughter

Loni P, CHARG member.

David Burgess, executive director

David B, Staff.

Barbara Quarton, CHARG Board

Barbara Q, CHARG Board.

David Quarton, CHARG co-founder.

David Q, CHARG Board.

Freddy Bosco, CHARG blogger.

Freddy B, CHARG member.

Isabel Koutnor, Counselor,

Isabel K, Staff.

Aron W, CHARG Board.

Aron W , CHARG Board.

Diana Roca, Administrative & Development Coordinator.

Diana R, Staff.


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