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The David Quarton Drop-In Center @ CHARG

The David Quarton Drop-In Center @ CHARG

920 Emerson Street, Denver, CO 80218
HOURS: Monday / Wednesday / Friday, 10am-5pm
Tuesday & Thursday, 12-5pm
Saturday, 10am-2pm

The Drop-In Center @ CHARG is open to anyone 18 years and older living with mental illness regardless of where they receive treatment. It is a warm & welcoming place where one can sit quietly and read, or socialize in a variety of groups, recreational outings, and seasonal celebrations. In addition to coffee and snacks, there is a food bank, the daily newspaper, a clothing bank, free internet & phone, and a low-cost lunch on Tuesdays ($1.50). Peer Specialists are available for assistance with basic needs resources. It is free of charge but members must fill out a contact information form during their first visit, and bring verification of treatment to their second visit (see frequently asked questions below).

For more info, contact
Jennifer Miller
Drop-In Coordinator


What is the Drop-In Center @ CHARG?

It is a place for consumers of mental health services to have social contact away from their place of residence. It is dedicated to the memory of David Quarton, CHARG founder and champion of mental health for one and all.

Is it free?

The Drop-In Center is free of charge. It is open to anyone over age 18 who is currently in mental health treatment.

How do I join the Drop-In Center?

If you are a CHARG clinic client, you are automatically a member of the Drop-In Center. All others must fill out a Contact Information Form (link) during their first visit, and they will be asked to bring verification of treatment to their second visit.

What is verification of treatment?

It is a note written to us by your provider on his/her agency stationery telling us you are currently in mental health treatment.

What if I’m waiting for treatment?

If you are on a waiting list for mental health treatment, bring us an official appointment card with your name and the date of your first appointment.

Will CHARG ever call my therapist?

If there is concern about your safety or the safety of others, we reserve the right to contact outside medical or legal assistance. This might include calling your therapist or the emergency contact person you gave us.

Can I become a clinic client at CHARG Resource Center?

In addition to joining the Drop-In Center, you might apply to receive outpatient therapy at CHARG’s Heartland Clinic. It is located a few blocks away at 709 E. 12th Avenue. Call 303.830.8805 for more info.

Are groups & classes for clinic clients only?

When you join the Drop-In Center, you may attend all the groups and classes offered by CHARG.

What is not acceptable at CHARG?

Illegal Drugs
Alcohol or Marijuana (you’ll be asked to leave if you smell like either one)
Bumming Cigarettes
Sexual Harassment
Sleeping on Premises (inside or outside)
Loud Talk
Aggressive Behavior

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