CHARG Resource Center Clinic and Offices 709 E. 12th Avenue Denver, CO 80203 303-830-8805 | CHARG Drop-In Center 920 Emerson Street Denver, CO 80218 303-830-2130

CANPO (Colorado Non-Profit Assoc.) GUIDELINES  read more
– “Taking the pulse of the organization”: Principles & Practice for Non-Profit Excellence in Colorado”(second edition)

1. Governance & Leadership
2. Transparency & Accountability
3. Financial Management
4. Fundraising
5. Human Resources
6. Planning
7. Evaluation
8. Advocacy, Public Policy & Civic Engagement
9. Communications
10. Information Technology
11. Strategic Alliances

Still needed:

-Policy on “new employee orientation”  to CHARG POLICIES & PROCEDURES (who tells whom what when).
-Conflict of Interest Policy for board members – (staff is included in employee handbook)
-Communication Policy (strategic/operational communication plan that includes disaster management)
-Policy on volunteer drivers (Margie says one exists – needs to be found!)
-Privacy Policy (for website).

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